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This guide is a living document to support faculty and staff working with the PressbooksEDU platform.

Textbook Creation Support

Pressbooks is provided as a joint effort between Hunt and Hazy Libraries, and the Centers for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  Support for your textbook creation projects will vary slightly between campuses and the available resources at any given time.

University-wide, we can provide support on the following:

  • Setup of your book in the Pressbooks platform. 

  • Basic how-tos and technical support, and recommend additional resources for guidance.

  • Advise on tools available in Pressbooks that may be useful for your book. 

  • Advise on Creative Commons licensing and use of copyrighted materials, including cloning and modifying existing OER/Pressbooks. 

  • Assistance finding open materials to use or adapt for your project if needed. 

  • Archiving of supplemental materials, back up files, and static PDF versions of your book in Scholarly Commons. 

  • Assistance with metadata and accessibility features such as alt text for images. 

  • Provide 1 ISBN for the print PDF version, and 1 DOI for the webbook.

    • Additional ISBNs are the responsibility of the faculty author(s) or their department. 

    • Chapter level DOIs are available if funding allows.

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