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This guide is a living document to support faculty and staff working with the PressbooksEDU platform.

Starting a Project

Due to limited space on the ERAU Pressbooks Network, you must submit a request to start your project and set up your account.

To submit a request, please fill out a Project Proposal Form. A member of your library, either Hunt or Hazy, will follow up with you to discuss your project, how we can help, and basic expectations for using Pressbooks.  Once a project is approved, we will work with you to set up your Pressbooks account and book in the network.

Creation Options

There are two options for starting a project within Pressbooks: creating a new book, or cloning an existing book.

  • If you want to start a brand new project, or are importing content you've created in another form (such as a Word document), you will be using the Create a Book option.
  • If you are adapting an existing OER textbook that is available in the Pressbooks Directory, you will be using the Clone a Book option.

Create a Book

In order to create a new book, you will need to decide on a few basic details:

  • The book's title.
  • The book's language.
  • Privacy settings.  We strongly recommend keeping the book private until created.
  • The webbook address.  Although you can modify the book's title later, you cannot change the webbook's URL.
    • Webbook addresses must be at least 4 characters.
    • Only numbers and letters can be used.
    • URLs will start will the network name followed by the book's specific name.  For example:
    • Pressbooks recommends using the book's title with no spaces for the URL.

Clone a Book

You can clone any book in the Pressbooks Directory with an open license that supports reuse and modification. This will bring a copy of the book into our catalog to be modified and adapted.  

In order to clone a book, you will need:

  • The URL of the book you are cloning.
  • The URL you want to use for your new book.
  • The new title you want to use for your modification of the book.  If you don't have a title yet, it will automatically pull in the title of the source book.

Project Overview

Writing a book is a large undertaking.  Each project in Eagle Pubs has support from library staff and CTLE to help manage the many moving parts involved.  To get a sense of what must be done for a project from start to finish, there are checklists available to see what will be expected of each member of the team.

Additional Resources

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