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This guide is a living document to support faculty and staff working with the PressbooksEDU platform.

Images, Links, and Multimedia

One of the most powerful features of a webbook is the ability to incorporate many different types of files into your book. For materials that cannot be included directly - due to format, preference, or copyright concerns - you can also link out to other webpages and materials online. Lastly, you can create links within your own book to refer to material in other parts of your book.

For information about supported file types, best practices, and embedding from common sites like YouTube or Spotify, see the Pressbooks User Guide page in the Resources box.

When uploading media into Pressbooks, note the following:

  • Embedded image files that are supported: JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  • The maximum file size limit for media and files in your book is 24MB. (Note: this may change with the new network).
  • To give a reader access to a file without leaving Pressbooks, upload the file to the Media Library before inserting it into the book. You can also have the files uploaded into Scholarly Commons and link to it there.
  • File types that cannot be directly embedded - such as PDFs, Word files, or PowerPoint slides - can still be provided within the book. You can provide a hyperlink to download the file within the book, or use H5P to create an iFrame to display the file.

Additional Resources