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Dissertation Submission Procedures - Daytona Beach


Program Coordinator

Dr. Dothang Truong
Program Coordinator for Ph.D. in Aviation
Office Location: COA 119
Phone: 386-323-5080

Department Procedures

  1. Dissertation committee approves the draft for the defense.
  2. Program Coordinator, Associate Dean of SGS, and the Dean of the COA approve the draft for the defense.
  3. The department schedules the defense.
  4. Candidate defends the dissertation.
  5. Committee votes on the oral defense and signs the GS-9 form.
  6. Candidate revises the dissertation and submits the final version to Dissertation Chair.
  7. Dissertation chair approves the final version.
  8. Program Coordinator approves the final version (PDF).
  9. The department submits the approved version for publication in Scholarly Commons.

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