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Resources for Graduate and Ph.D. Students

This Research Guide will inform graduate and Ph.D. students about the resources available in the Hunt Library to help them in their research.

Researching Using the Hunt Library

The Hunt Library is your library if you are a Daytona Beach or Worldwide student. Our staff of librarians and technicians are dedicated to connecting you to the information that meets your research needs. We recommend starting your research with Hunt Library because it will lead you to quality and authoritative sources.

What is EagleSearch?

EagleSearch is the main search tool that allows researchers to search across many of the library's collections simultaneously. Each search returns results from the library's physical collection, as well as many of the library's subscription databases. This allows for fast and easy access to articles, books, videos, and more, all at once from a single search box.

Search EagleSearch

Research Databases

The Hunt Library provides access to over a hundred databases, both subscription-based and open-access (freely available) covering various subject areas (e.g., Aerospace & Aviation, Business & Economics, Human Factors & Psychology, etc.) and types (e.g., Data & Statistics, eBooks, Videos, etc.).


The Hunt Library subscribes to thousands of journals, most of which can be accessed online either through one of our research databases or a publisher's website, while others are available physically in print in the library.

What are Research Guides?

Research Guides point you to materials and resources appropriate for particular disciplines, courses, and special topics. In a world of abundant information resources, librarians create research guides to save you time and energy.

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