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ERAU Hunt Library

Resources for Graduate and Ph.D. Students

This Research Guide will inform graduate and Ph.D. students about the resources available in the Hunt Library to help them in their research.

Other Useful Tools

SAGE Research Methods Overview

Using the Methods Map in SAGE Research Methods

Cabells provides multiple quality metrics for over 11,000 journals (Whitelist) and a searchable database of deceptive or predatory journals (Blacklist). You will have full access to search both the Whitelist and the Blacklist. The Whitelist provides journal information, evaluation metrics, and submission details. The Blacklist provides information about publishers and journals with deceptive (or “predatory”) practices. The information in Cabells can be used to help you determine where to publish and when gathering information for promotion and tenure.

Like researching using Google Scholar, but don't want to pay for the articles? You can connect Google Scholar to Hunt Library.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the three bars next to My Profile, this will open the menu

  3. Click Settings
  4. Choose Library links
  5. Type Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University into the search box and click the search button
  6. Click the box next to the text for ERAU 

  7. Now, when you conduct research using Google Scholar, full text items available at Hunt Library will have a Full Text from ERAU link next to the title.

There are many free tools and browser extensions you can install to aid in your research. Please note that the Hunt Library does not endorse these tools, but only lists them for those interested. Below are links to a few: