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HU 145 Taylor


Your goal for this paper is to use your research to support an arguable intepretation your primary text(s).* You may also write about more than one primary text. Any of the primary texts we have covered or will cover in this class are acceptable. 

As part of this assignment, you will complete your own research and incorporate a minimum of 3 secondary sources, at least 1 of which must be peer-reviewed/refereed.  The 3 required secondary sources must be scholarly articles from an academic journal and/or chapters from an academic book.

Your task is to write an argumentative paper based off your interpretation (close reading) of the primary text(s). Your argument should be supported by evidence from the primary text(s) as well as your secondary research sources. Your thesis should respond to one of the questions in the bank. The Question Bank is included in the Research Paper Assignment linked below.


It is a good idea to search more than one database. Not all authors or their work will be addressed in every database. Search each of the databases listed to locate and determine the best resources for your papers.

If the databases are not giving you the results you want, try EagleSearch.

Example Search Terms:

  • afrofuturism AND "black panther"
  • pumzi AND "nnedi okorafor"
  • shambleau 

​In EagleSearch narrow results with limiters.

  • Limit to Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly) is the first section
  • Limit Content Type is the second section

Search Tips:

  • AND is used in most databases to ensure that each term is present somewhere in the search results: Youth AND interaction
  • The asterisk (*) is a symbol which allows for variant word endings: teen*=teen, teens, teenager, etc. 
  • Quotes are used to indicate that the words enclosed must be searched as a phrase: "World Wide Web
  • OR is used between terms to indicate that either term is acceptable: teen OR adolescent