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HU 145 Taylor


Select and present on a text and one of the creators of that text. On the day you are scheduled to present, you will be asked to present your creator biography and discussion questions to the class. First, frame your questions by presenting your research on the creator’s life. Then, distribute your discussions questions and read all 5 to the class. 

  • Research your assigned creator’s life and synthesize that research to write a one paragraph biography in your own words.
  • You must cite at least two sources as part of this assignment and include those sources in your MLA works cited page.

Discussion Questions:

  • Develop 5 questions about the text(s) for the day.
  • At least 2 questions should directly reference specific moments in the text(s), such as a quote or reference to specific line/scene.
  • You should include an MLA header and title.
  • Bring typed copies of your questions for the class

Scholarly Sources

If the databases are not giving you the results you want, try EagleSearch.

Example Search Terms:

  • "cordwainer smith" AND biography
  • "nnedi okorafor" AND biography

​In EagleSearch narrow results with limiters.

  • Limit to Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly) is the first section
  • Limit Content Type is the second section

Search Tips:

  • AND is used in most databases to ensure that each term is present somewhere in the search results: Youth AND interaction
  • The asterisk (*) is a symbol which allows for variant word endings: teen*=teen, teens, teenager, etc. 
  • Quotes are used to indicate that the words enclosed must be searched as a phrase: "World Wide Web
  • OR is used between terms to indicate that either term is acceptable: teen OR adolescent