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This guide will help you with Ebook Central.

Citing an Ebook

There are three ways to get a citation from the database:

  1. The Cite Book Feature:
    • From the Detail page, before even opening the book

      Screenshot showing the cite book option
    • OR from the online reader (for the PDF reader only)

      Screenshot showing the online reader book citation button
    • This opens a "Citation" window

      Screenshot highlighting the copy shortcut and refworks citation button
    • From here you can:
      • Choose the citation format (for this citation only) using the "FORMAT" drop-down menu.
      • Copy the citation, to paste elsewhere
      • Export the citation in one of the two listed formats. If you use a different citation management tool than those listed in the Citation window, you can find information at the ProQuest support page
  2. When you copy from a book, a citation is automatically included with the copied text.

    Screenshot showing copied text
  3. When you print or page-range-download, a citation is automatically included at the bottom of every page

    Screenshot showing the generated citation
    • To change your default citation format:
      • Sign in to your personal Ebook Central account (if you aren't already)
      • Go to Settings and then Profile (top right of Ebook Central screen)

        Screenshot showing the profile button
      • Select your desired default citation format

        Screenshot showing citation style options
      • Click Save Changes
    • Editions of the citation formats used in Ebook Central:
      • APA – 7th edition
      • Chicago/Turabian – 16th edition
      • Harvard
      • MLA – 8th edition
      • Vancouver – 3rd edition

NOTE: ​Ebook Central citations are not chapter or page-specific.

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