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EAGLEsearch Help

Saving searches in EAGLEsearch

For complex or even simple searches you might like to save for future use, EAGLEsearch has a built-in feature that allows you to save a search to either your Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive account.

Saving searches

Upon placing a search in EAGLEsearch, select the save search  icon located in the search box.

Sign in to either your Microsoft or Google account and then give your saved search a name or leave it as is, if you wish, and then click Done.

Viewing saved searches

To view your saved searches in EAGLEsearch, click on the saved searches icon .

On the Saved Searches page, you'll either see a list of saved searches if you're still in the same session as when you saved them, or you'll need to sign in to your Microsoft or Google accounts to view any saved searches from previous search sessions.

From the Saved Search page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Click the name of the saved search to display its search results.
  • Click Rename to rename the saved search.
  • Click the  icon to remove the saved search.