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ERAU Hunt Library

HU 145 (Oler)

If ProQuest Central is not giving you the results you want, try EagleSearch.

​In EagleSearch narrow results with limiters.

  • Limit to Peer Review is the first section
  • Limit Content Type is the second section
  • Publication Date is the third section
  • Eagle search limiters are located on the left of the results page in a column entitled Limit Your Results
  • Limiters include:​
    • Currency of the material
    • The type of material
    • Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly)

Search Tips:

  • AND is used in most databases to ensure that each term is present somewhere in the search results: Youth AND interaction
  • The asterisk (*) is a symbol which allows for variant word endings: teen*=teen, teens, teenager, etc. 
  • Quotes are used to indicate that the words enclosed must be searched as a phrase: "World Wide Web
  • OR is used between terms to indicate that either term is acceptable: teen OR adolescent