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Faculty Toolkit for Publishing

This guide is designed to assist faculty with publishing regardless of previous experience.

Research Impact

As a researcher, being able to measure and demonstrate how your research impacts a field or discipline, as well as society, is an important part of the scholarly process. Measuring or tracking your research impact can:

  • Help support your application for tenure or promotion 
  • Strengthen a research grant application  
  • Identify how your research is being used 
  • Connect you with potential collaborators

Article-Level Metrics

Measure the reach and impact of scholarly research at the article level.

Author-Level Metrics

Help track an individual researcher's impact in an academic discipline.

Journal-Level Metrics

Measure the impact or importance of a journal in a field.

Metrics Toolkit image

The Metrics Toolkit is a resource for researchers and evaluators that provides guidance for demonstrating and evaluating claims of research impact.  With the Toolkit you can quickly understand what a metric means, how it is calculated, and if it’s good match for your impact question.

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