Citing Sources & Style Manuals

Provides information on citing sources using both APA and MLA, as well as resources and help on writing.

Manage Your Research

Designed to help researchers gather, manage, and store research information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies. For additional information, please see our RefWorks guide.  

Writing Help & Resources


Learning how to accurately format and cite the sources you relied on to complete your papers and projects is an important part of the research process. Use the resources in this guide to ensure your in-text citations and references pages are properly formatted. 

Other Helpful Guides

Automated Citations

Many research databases offer automated citations generators. These can be a useful tool, but always be sure to critically evaluate their accuracy.

Look for the word Cite or an image of quotation marks:


There are also many citation generators freely available on the web. As with EAGLEsearch and Research Databases, always be sure to critically evaluate their accuracy.

Some examples: