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After you complete the literature review, it is time to start thinking about the study you will design to answer the research gap you identified. For this project, you will use a quantitative research methodology. 

To help you choose an appropriate methodology, it's recommended to review past studies that focused on your topic or a similar topic. Make note of the kinds of research methodologies you see being used the most often. Once you have an idea about the general methodology type that would suit your research, you may begin gathering background information on the methodology you feel would most appropriately address the type of data you will be collecting, and finally, choose a methodology and test/measurement to use in your research.

The following techniques outline how to locate information about research methodology from library resources.

The Methods Map is an interactive tool offered by SAGE Research Methods that you can engage with in order to explore the relationships between methods, terms, and concepts found within the database.  Use it to explore related methods and key terms, browse resources, easily navigate to related topics, and even jump to a result page.  For a brief introduction, check out the video for more information.  

Little Green Books provide short and accessible texts on all kinds of quantitative methods. They provide clear statistical explanations, straightforward empirical examples, and ready-to-use procedures. SAGE's Little Green Books address a spectrum of advanced quantitative topics including regression, models, data analysis, experimental design, measurement, survey data, and more. 

Some databases allow you to limit your search by research methodology. PsycArticles and PsycInfo are good examples. These databases do allow you to limit your search results to show articles that use a particular methodology. Here you may use the Methodology limit box to select your desired research method, as shown below.


PsycArticles Advanced Search screen with the Methodology box highlighted.

Screenshot of PsycInfo methodology filters

If the database does not have the ability to search by methodology, you might try to include your methodology as one of your search terms. See the example using EagleSearch below:

Screenshot of PsycInfo advanced search options

Note that we are searching for the word quantitative in the abstract of the article. Authors are likely to identify which type of research design they used in the abstract. 

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