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Understanding Journals: Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly, Trade, & Popular

Locating Peer-Reviewed Articles

There are several ways to locate scholarly and peer-reviewed articles in the Hunt Library.  Whether you're using EagleSearch or one of the library's research databases, very often these resources will provide ways to limit your results to both scholarly and peer-reviewed sources.  


Once you have placed a search in EagleSearch, look on the left side of the results page for the list of filters.  Under "Availability," select Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly).  This will limit your results to those that are peer-reviewed.  


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Screenshot of the availability filter in EagleSearch


EBSCO Databases

For EBSCO databases, you can easily limit your search results to peer-reviewed and scholarly sources before placing your search. Under "Limit your results," just select the box Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

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EBSCO Peer Reviewed Limit


ProQuest Databases

For ProQuest databases you can easily limit your search results to peer-reviewed sources before placing your search. Under the search box, select the box Peer reviewed.

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Proquest Peer Review Limit


Other Databases

Many of the library's other databases provide similar options for limiting your results to peer-reviewed sources (ex. ERIC, Gale Databases, etc.), or only provide peer-reviewed sources (ex. IEEE Xplore, SAGE Journals, ScienceDirect, Scopus, Taylor & Francis Online, Web of Science, etc.).  To view a complete list of our databases, visit our Research Databases page.