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Thesis Submission Process (Daytona Beach)


Daytona Beach master's degree students are required to submit a full-text electronic copy of each thesis to be housed in ERAU Scholarly Commons. In addition, ERAU recommends graduate students also submit their thesis for inclusion in ProQuest Electronic Theses and Dissertations Database.

Formatting Your Thesis (Required)

You must provide a correctly formatted PDF copy. To do this, use a word processing program to save your file appropriately. ProQuest, the company that will eventually host your thesis online (if you choose), provides documentation on this process. For more information, please see Preparing Your Manuscript for Submission.

Submitting Your Thesis (Required)

Submitting Your Thesis (Required)

Please select “Submit Master’s Thesis” on Scholarly Commons EDT Submissions to:

  • Read and accept the Submission Agreement
  • Provide information about yourself
  • Provide an abstract
  • Provide a list of up to 10 keywords
  • Upload a PDF copy of your work and any other supporting documents

If you have any technical difficulties with the online form, you may email your documents to

There is no cost to submit your thesis electronically.

Publishing Theses and Dissertations in ProQuest

To submit your thesis or dissertation to ProQuest:

  • Go to the ProQuest submission portal
  • Create a personal account
  • The ProQuest Electronic Thesis and Dissertation system will guide you through the submission process step by step with a handy checklist on the left side of the screen: Traditional Publishing or Open Access Plus
  • Students may choose between two different publishing options: Traditional Publishing or Open Access Plus. There are also options for: publishing format, registering for US Copyright, and ordering print copies. 
  • Once you have completed the thesis submission process your thesis will be stored in an electronic holding queue until all thesis grades are finalized. Passing theses will then be forwarded to ProQuest (usually in February or March). It is at this time that ProQuest will begin processing requests for filing US Copyright (if requested) and orders for bound copies (if requested).

Optional Print Copies

Embry-Riddle no longer requires a printed copy of your thesis. Any provision of bound copies to committee members or departments is a courtesy and not a part of graduation requirements. The official copy of record is the digital copy found in Scholarly Commons.

You are free to make your own bindery contacts and negotiate your own agreements, shipping arrangements, and methods of payment, however, we recommend the following: 

Any paper copies produced by the student would be for personal use and not considered "official." 

Contact Information

Contact, Katelyn Alley, 386-226-7778, in the Office of the Provost for additional assistance.

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