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ERAU Hunt Library


This guide covers how to create permalinks to Hunt Library resources.


A permalink is a URL that will consistently link to a specific resource (article, ebook, video, etc.) within a library database.

Permalinks are also referred to as:

  • Permanent Links/URLs
  • Persistent Links/URLs
  • Static Links/URLs
  • Stable Links/URLs
  • Consistent Links/URLs
  • Durable Links/URLs

Why use a permalink? Simply copying and pasting the URL from a browser's address bar will generally not provide a permanent link to the resource in question. Permalinks offer many advantages to users. These include:

  • Reliable, long-term access to specific, online library resources
  • Protection against copyright violations by ensuring copyright/licensing compliance

Use the sub-tabs under the Creating Permalinks in... menu to find vendor/database-specific instructions on locating and creating permalinks for different library resources.

Note: The Permalink feature in EagleSearch will not create a permalink directly to the full text of a particular item. Rather, it will create a permalink to the item's record in EagleSearch. Creating permalinks within specific databases is always the best option, if available.