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Library Instruction

What is Library Instruction?

Library instruction is a form of teaching where librarians focus on developing students’ critical inquiry and technical research skills that is multi- and cross-disciplinary and transfers across different contexts. Librarians employ a variety of pedagogical practices in the classroom, such as student-centered teaching and active learning, while creating inclusive and engaging learning opportunities for students. Library instruction is available in many formats including face-to-face, EagleVision-Zoom, prerecorded videos, online modules, assignments, and research guides.

Why is Library Instruction Important?

Studies have found that using libraries, especially instructional services, is connected to student success and retention. A 2017 report from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) found a correlation between library use and academic success, including undergraduates benefitting from library instruction as freshmen, information literacy instruction supporting general education outcomes, and library consultations with students. Faculty report easier grading on research assignments due to improved student abilities and fewer insistences of student plagiarism. Library instruction also helps curb issues like library anxiety, a term to describe the feelings of shame around asking questions about the research process.

What Type of Library Instruction Do I Need?

All library instruction sessions are designed to provide students with the specific technical and critical thinking skills they need to successfully find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. Individual course sessions are typically designed around a specific assignment and work best when developed collaboratively with faculty or instructors. If you are unsure of what type of library instruction session would best fit your course or want to explore different options, please send an email to Suzanne Eichler, Associate Director for Research & Instruction at to schedule a consultation.

How Do I Book a Library Instruction Session?

To request a library instruction session, please complete the Library Instruction Request Form. Please allow at least 10 days lead time when making requests. Requests with a lead time of less than 10 days may have reduced instructional options or availability.

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