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Literature Reviews

This guide is designed to help you get started researching and writing literature reviews

Writing a Literature Review

Once you have gathered all your research, analyzed, and synthesized the major themes of the literature, now is the time to organize and write your literature review. There are different ways of organizing your literature review. You can organize the review by chronological order, advancements of research, or other logical ways.

David Taylor University of Maryland University College

7:40 Tutorial about organizing and writing a literature review

Common mistakes when writing a literature review

  • Relying on the quantity of resources used instead of the quality, unless you are performing an exhaustive review.
  • Not going deep enough or broad enough in your research and not using landmark studies.
  • Neither organizing nor structuring the literature review section to create a logical flow.
  • Listing and summarizing the resources you have used instead analyzing and synthesizing the literature on your topic.
  • Using irrelevant resources.
  • Relying too heavily on quotations.
  • Not following citation standards and guidelines.