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Domestic Violence Awareness

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Nptreports Domestic Violence

The number of incidents and severity of domestic violence has been a public safety crisis in Tennessee for over a decade, and the staggering statistics show there is no typical victim. Learn about the survivors, the perpetrators and the witnesses to these criminal acts of violence committed by the person who says, "I love you".

Domestic Violence: A Hidden Trauma

Domestic violence is not predicated on race, sex, or income. It can happen to anyone. In Lucas County, 911 receives a call regarding domestic violence every 28 minutes. The impact of this crime is sweeping through the community. Doni discussed this issue with Rachael Gardner, Director of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services for the YWCA.

Battered and Broken: Victims of Domestic Violence

Dianne Schwartz was traumatized by an abusive husband. She tells her story of gradual escape and healing from this living nightmare. Now, Dianne Schwartz is the founder of the non-profit organization Educating Against Domestic Violence and is reaching out to help other women.

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Awareness

Sexual assault and domestic violence incidents have gone underreported during the pandemic. Sadly, many experts and advocates say victims of color are at higher risk due to due cases going underreported..

Domestic Violence: Behind Closed Doors

Every 12 seconds, a woman is beaten in the U.S.—beaten by her lover, her husband, her partner in life. Year after year, the cycle of violence spins faster, spiraling down through the generations, father to son and mother to daughter. Only when communities and families say "Enough!" can the cycle be broken. This program shows how people can and have said "Enough!": women, men, and children who offer proof that domestic violence can be stopped, that healing is possible if there is someone to help. The program also shows the social and legal services that make the difference..

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