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ERAU Hunt Library

Conklin & de Decker

This guide describes the type of data and information that can be found using the Conklin & de Decker Report (formerly Aircraft Cost Evaluator and the Aircraft Performance Comparator) as well as citation information for citing this resource.

Aircraft Performance Comparator

The Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Performance Comparator information is now incorporated into the new Conklin & de Decker Report which provides comparable aircraft specifications, as well as essential performance data by means of charts, graphs, illustrations, and tables for more than 300 aircraft including Jets, Turboprops, Pistons, and Helicopters. The Hunt Library still has access to the original Aircraft Performance Comparator for a limited time. See the table below for the type of data available:

Jets, Turboprops, and Pistons
  • General Data
  • Block Fuel / Block Time
  • Flight Envelope
  • Max Cruise Speed
  • Max Operating Speed
  • Exterior / Interior Diagrams
  • Take-off / Landing Distance
  • Max Take-off Elevation
  • Payload Range
  • General Data
  • Block Fuel / Block Time
  • Payload Range
  • Takeoff / Landing Distance
  • VNE & Max Cruise Speed
  • Exterior / Interior Configurations
  • Service Ceiling
  • Height / Velocity Diagram
  • Weight, Altitude, & Temperature Limit

For specifications and performance data on the make and model of an aircraft, please contact Ask a Librarian.