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HU 145 Mitchell Spring 2020


WP1ResearchFormat Draft.

Remember our Criteria for a good story

  • Addresses an intriguing question or problem
  • Uses quality evidence (images, statistics, credible sources)
  • Has a basic plot and a strong conclusion (beginning, middle, end; rising action, climax, falling action; conflict)
  • Includes relatable characters
  • Is told by a reliable and/or credible source
  • Uses a distinct setting
  • Uses a distinct and logical style that is appropriate for the audience
  • Details an overarching theme or big idea
  • Includes contextual sources
  • Includes allusion

Remember you are writing a personal narrative: (narrative with a focus on a scientist, rather than an event)

Remember you are writing a non-fiction story (based on fact) that can take a variety of forms.

  1. Research your scientist using the skills and processes the librarian teaches you
  2. Find a variety of at least five credible sources
  3. Find at least one credible source about the context of your scientist’s life (this source doesn’t have to mention your scientist at all; ex. Da Vinci—Renaissance; Kepler—Thirty Years War)
  4. Use those five credible sources to answer the questions below
  5. Focus on the WHY part
  6. Continue your Works Cited page in MLA

More details can be found in the assignment attached below.

Recommended Databases

 Search Tips

  1. In Credo Reference, try one of the following search strategies depending on your topic:
    • Enter the name of your scientist:
      • Francis Crick
      • Nikola Tesla
  2. Explore the results list, making sure to view
    • Topic Page
    • Mind Map

 Search Tips

  1. In Gale Virtual Reference, try one of the following search strategies
    • Scientist search strategies:
      • Francis Crick
      • Nikola Tesla
    • General search strategies:
      • DNA 
      • Genetics
      • Electricity

Search Tips

  1. In ProQuest Central, try the following search strategies depending on your topic:
    • Scientist search strategies:
      • "Francis Crick" AND biography
      • "Francis Crick" AND life AND interests
      • "Francis Crick" AND correspondence
      • "Francis Crick" AND life AND secret*
      • "Nikola Tesla" AND (biography OR autobiography)
      • "Nikola Tesla" AND (life OR lifestyle)
    • General search strategies:
      • DNA AND "Francis Crick" AND research
      • "Nikola Tesla" AND electric*
      • "Nikola Tesla" AND research
  2. Narrow your results as needed using the left-hand limiter options.

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