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This is a guide highlighting the features of Embry-Riddle's institutional repository.

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What is a SelectedWorks site?

SelectedWorks is a companion to Scholarly Commons that helps you highlight all of your scholarly activities. The SelectedWorks personal website provides a place to post citations to additional work or material that may not be uploaded full text into Scholarly Commons due to copyright restrictions.

With a SelectedWorks site you can

  • Display a photograph of yourself and a professional brief biography.
  • List your areas of expertise and courses taught.
  • Post your curriculum vitae and contact information.
  • Link to your research posted in Scholarly Commons as well as to material hosted at other institutional repositories.
  • View statistics of how often your work has been viewed.
  • Transfer your SelectedWorks site to another institution if you should ever leave Embry-Riddle.

If you already have a SelectedWorks site, you can affiliate it with Embry-Riddle by adjusting your Author Information found in your SelectedWorks account settings. You will need to be logged into your SelectedWorks account at to do so.

SelectedWork Site Example

To view Dr. Liu's SelectedWorks page in it's entirety, go to

Dr. Liu's SelectedWorks Works page Dr. Liu's SelectedWorks About page

SelectedWorks pages may be created with a card format or list format layout. Dr. Liu's page demonstrates the card format.To view a list format, go to

SelectedWorks sites are easy to create!

There are two ways to obtain a SelectedWorks site

  1. Request to have the site created for you. Contact us at and a Research Librarian will be assigned to assist you as little or as much as you would like.
  2. Or you may create the site yourself.

If you decide to create your own site, please use these instructions to get started:

  • Go to
  • Click on MENU in the upper right corner.
  • Click on Sign Up and follow the instructions to set up your account. Type in Embry- and then select the Embry-Riddle associated with your campus.
  • Contact for assistance with copyright permissions and to upload full text articles into Scholarly Commons. Your articles can then be "collected" into your SelectedWorks site.