Scholarly Commons and SelectedWorks FAQ

This is a guide highlighting the features of Embry-Riddle's institutional repository.

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Anne Marie Casey
Dean of Scholarly Communications and the Library

Debra Rodensky
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Coordinates the Faculty Support Team and is responsible for the Collections, Dissertations and Theses in Scholarly Commons and SelectedWorks activities as well as maintaining awareness of Scholarly Commons journals, conferences, and events

David A. Ehrensperger
Digital Learning Design/Research Librarian
Coordinates Scholarly Commons activities for the Prescott Campus.

Chip Wolfe
Digitization Specialist
Responsible for Scholarly Commons journals, conferences, and events.

ERAU Scholarly Commons FAQ

Why do I need the publisher’s permission to include my work in ERAU’s Scholarly Commons or my personal SelectedWorks web site?

Before a publisher can distribute an author’s work, both must sign a copyright transfer agreement (contract). This contract grants the publisher either an exclusive or non-exclusive license to publish and distribute the author’s work. The type of contract the author signs determines which rights the author retains to his or her work.  It is the author’s responsibility to check their contracts before uploading any material to their SelectedWorks web site.

What is the Pre-print version of my paper?

This is the copy of the author’s work initially submitted to the publisher for consideration. It contains none of the publisher’s requested changes (if peer-reviewed), copy edits, or layout. It is usually an electronic .docx or .doc file.

What is the Post-print version of my paper?

The post-print version is the author’s final version of their work. It would include the publisher’s requested changes (if peer-reviewed), but not the publisher’s copy edits or layout. This is also usually an electronic .docx or .doc file.

What is the Published version of my paper?

The published version is what the publisher will distribute. It contains all of the requested changes, copy-edits, layout, and citation information. The published version can be either print or electronic. If electronic, it is usually a .pdf file.

How can I obtain my publisher’s permission to include my work in ERAU’s Scholarly Commons and my personal SelectedWorks page?

You can contact to be assigned a librarian to handle all copyright permission requests for Scholarly Commons. If you wish to seek permission for yourself, you will want to first check SHERPA/RoMEO (, a database of publishers’ copyright and self-archiving policies. Your other option is to contact the editor or publisher and ask for permission to include the pre-print, post-print, or published versions of your work in an academic repository.

I'm a student. Can I publish my term paper in Scholarly Commons?

ERAU theses and dissertations are automatically added to Scholarly Commons as part of the graduation process. If you have a graduate capstone project or other research that you would like to contribute, you must obtain the recommendation of your advisor or a faculty member. Forward the faculty recommendation along with your materials to

I'm writing a grant proposal that asks for information about a data management plan. Can Scholarly Commons help me with this?

Yes. You can contact us a to obtain assistance or if you need some immediate wording, please consider these statements regarding Scholarly Commons' role with data management.

The data will be and remain publicly available via Embry-Riddle University’s institutional repository, ERAU Scholarly Commons (, an open-access digital archive for the scholarly output of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University community.  This institutional repository is part of the bepress Digital Commons network of repositories and provides a perpetual archive, indexed by major search engines.   

The Digital Commons platform provides a high-availability hosted service that utilizes a distributed file system to provide fast and reliable access for content upload and delivery worldwide. The service offers unlimited storage with offsite backups of files on Amazon Glacier as well as quarterly full-site archives. Long-term accessibility will be facilitated by the commitment of bepress to the provision of long-term stable URLs and the preservation of all objects uploaded to the repository in the original format.  

The data and metadata are managed by professional librarians in consultation with the PI.  Basic metadata supplied by the PI will be supplemented by the Catalog/Metadata Librarian, who assigns keywords and disciplines based on the taxonomy created by bepress.  

Data appropriate for public release will be published and archived through ERAU Scholarly Commons, the institutional repository of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  Those data requiring embargo periods prior to open access publication through ERAU Scholarly Commons will be appropriately embargoed.

Can I post my book full text on Scholarly Commons?

Probably not. Very rarely do we find that publishers allow books to be posted in their entirety. If it is the case that your book was published open access or that your publisher will grant permission, we will be happy to post it to Scholarly Commons.

Can I include my poster presentation in Scholarly Commons?

If you have an electronic copy of your poster and if you can convert the file to a PDF document, we can upload it to Scholarly Commons for you. 

Can I include my PowerPoint presentation in Scholarly Commons? 

Yes, but we recommend you convert the slides to a PDF format first. If you have been assigned to work with a librarian, they can help you with this. 

The publisher of my article only allowed permission for a certain number of pages of my article to be included in Scholarly Commons. Do you allow only the first couple of pages to be uploaded? 

Yes, we will can upload as many or as few pages and the publisher allows. 

My article is already full-text online through another institution. Can we download my article and include it Scholarly Commons or can you only link to the other site? 

It depends on the policy of the publisher and whether the other institution allows true open access to your work.  If you have been assigned to work with a librarian, they can help you with this. 

How does Scholarly Commons interact with the faculty directory?

The new Faculty Directory software allows you to pull links to your materials posted in Scholarly Commons into your Faculty Directory profile. The default is off, so in order to see your links, you will need to log into your account ( using your ERNIE ID and check off the box in the Scholarly Commons Publications area.

How does Scholarly Commons interact with the Electronic Promotion and Tenure Tool?

Add your full-text, open-source materials to Scholarly Commons and citations to the remainder of your works to SelectedWorks and you will be able to import them into the new Electronic Promotion and Tenure Tool.