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Readings and Resources (Instructors): Quick Start

A guide to help users with the Readings and Resources tool in Canvas.

Getting Started with Readings and Resources

  1. Use the New List button to create a list, giving it a name and description.   You can start from scratch or use a template to get started.   
  2. Add items using the Add Items button.  You can add citations from the library search, manually, from the web, or import from existing citation tools such as RefWorks.   
  3. Add public notes, due dates, or any other information needed for your citations.  Need help or suggestions?  Use the Library Discussion panel on the right to ask without leaving your list! 
  4. When you’re done with your list, submit it for Library Review before publishing.  Library staff will look over citations to make sure they are accessible for students or if additional access options are available. 

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