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Qualitative & Quantitative Research

This guide will explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative research and show you how to recognize and find examples of both types.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is based on things that can be accurately and precisely measured. The abstract shows that this dissertation:

  • Tests a theory
  • Uses a survey
  • Studies a randomly-selected group
  • Gives a statistical result

Business aviation as an alternative to executive travel by the commercial airlines

Brown, Thomas. Northcentral University

Executive travel by commercial airlines often results in excessive nonproductive time decreasing corporate efficiency. Aviation analysts have asserted business aviation can be a cost-effective alternative, but they theorize it is underutilized because business managers perceive it to be an expensive executive perquisite. A quantitative study was conducted to assess the perception of managers pertaining to the cost-effectiveness of business aviation. A survey was randomly administered to 128 business managers in six U.S. metropolitan locations. Descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, and correlation analysis were used for evaluation. The statistical results indicated managers widely perceive the use of business aviation to be no more than an expensive executive perquisite and not a cost-effective alternative for executive travel by the airlines.

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