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Qualitative & Quantitative Research

This guide will explain the differences between qualitative and quantitative research and show you how to recognize and find examples of both types.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research allows you to discover the why and how of people and their activities. The abstract from this dissertation shows that the study:

  • Examines people's activities
  • Uses a small group of subjects
  • Asks open-ended questions
  • Gives a narrative conclusion

Handling technological change within the Federal Aviation Administration: The effect of culture on technological advances

Schwenk, Tyrone D. University of Phoenix

This qualitative phenomenological study details the perceptions of the influence of culture on the success of technological change implementation within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Twenty three participants including directors, air traffic control front line managers answered a questionnaire with four demographic questions and five open ended questions. The open ended questions addressed the perception of technological implementation, how managers help, trust within the FAA, implementation success and management roles in the process. Seventeen factors involving culture where found including trust, time and communication. The participants indicated culture had a profound effect on the success of technological implementation. The implication is culture may be as an important aspect to consider in technological change as are the technical implementation issues.

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