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ERAU Hunt Library

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and more. This Guide provides information on using OERs in your courses, tools to locate OERs by type and topic.

2021 OER Faculty Spotlights

As we celebrate Open Education Week 2021, we want to highlight some of the ERAU faculty who are engaged in this work.  They may actively seek out and adopt open or affordable resources to reduce costs, author their own open textbooks, or create OER that benefits ERAU and learners across the globe.

The 2021 Faculty Spotlights were selected by the Taskforce on Innovation, based on how the faculty engaged with and supported the following:

  • Impact on ERAU students and the global educational community
  • Engagement with the goals and ideals of open education and textbook affordability
  • Leveraging technology and resources on campus to further the goals of Open Education, including Hunt Library resources and staff, open access publishing, multimedia formats, and Canvas
  • Creativity and thoughtfulness when adopting, creating, or adapting open and library resources.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our Faculty Spotlights and 2021 nominees for their hard work supporting open education and textbook affordability for Embry-Riddle students.

2021 Faculty Spotlights

Image of Ashley Lear

Ashley Lear - Professor of Humanities and Composition, DB College of Arts & Sciences

Ashley Lear has been an early adopter, active partner, and champion of OER and textbook affordability since the earliest stages of the OER initiative.  She takes an active role in finding OER and low-cost options for as many of her courses as possible.  She also readily adopts open texts that are designed to provide a deeper learning experience, such as the freely available and multimedia rich Frankenbook edition of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.  She has saved students over $15,000 in textbook costs by leveraging library resources, curating 9 coursepacks in Scholarly Commons, and adopting openly licensed materials and textbooks.

Image of Philip Craiger

Philip Craiger - Associate Professor of Cybersecurity, DB College of Arts & Sciences

Philip Craiger has been a prolific creator of Open Educational Resources, creating multimedia support materials for several of his own courses and special video series to support courses in his department.  So far he has published 48 videos through Scholarly Commons which have been viewed over 700 times.  This type of resource creation and sharing exemplifies the goals of Open Education beyond textbook affordability by creating high quality, accessible, and openly licensed materials to benefit students at ERAU and learners around the globe. 

Image of Shawn Doherty

Shawn Doherty - Associate Professor of Human Factors and Systems, DB College of Arts & Sciences

Shawn Doherty is the course monitor for PSY 101, which adopted the Openstax Psychology book as its main text.  The Openstax OER textbooks are highly regarded and widely adopted with multiple formats and accessibility options available.  Thanks to the open license on this textbook, a copy is also available through Scholarly CommonsThis copy has almost 6,000 downloads, and insures that ERAU students have free, library-maintained access to their course materials.  Since the Open & Affordable Textbook Initiative began tracking information, the adoption of this book for PSY 101 has saved over $44,000 for ERAU students. 

Image of Robert Eicher

Robert Eicher - Assistant Professor of Meteorology, DB College of Aviation

Robert Eicher has been a frequent and vocal supporter of OER and textbook affordability on campus and in his department.  For his own courses, he has worked with Hunt Library regularly since 2018 to reduce textbook costs, or replace his textbooks with OER coursepacks in Scholarly Commons whenever possible.  So far he has created 6 coursepacks with the library, including frequent updates as he continually works to incorporate new resources and further tailor his learning materials to support student learning.  He has also worked with the library to identify open resources to support classes that traditionally have no textbook, keeping their textbook costs at zero while providing additional learning support.  He has saved students an estimated $9,600 through his efforts.