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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and more. This Guide provides information on using OERs in your courses, and tools to locate OERs by type and topic.

Hunt Library Resources for Courses

Faculty are encouraged to take advantage of the library’s electronic resources for their courses. However, be aware that the library’s digital collections are provided by many different vendors who have different platforms and licenses available. Due to scheduled maintenance, technical issues, or unexpected changes on the part of vendors, it is possible that resources may become unavailable. Disruptions are usually temporary and resolved as soon as possible.

You can limit the impact of unexpected disruptions by:

  • Encouraging students to use offline download options when available, and to download before their assignments are due.
  • Reporting which resources you adopt to Hunt Library by contacting your liaison librarian or filling out the OER & Library Course Materials form.
    • Reporting adoptions helps us to notify you of unexpected issues, and purchase licenses that support long term classroom use when available.
  • Reporting any disruptions to Hunt Library using our Library Issue form.
  • Being flexible with students if an unexpected disruption occurs when an assignment is due. Hunt Library works closely with vendors and IT to fix technical issues as quickly as possible, but access may not be restored the same day.

There are several options for utilizing the library collections or services in your courses.


If you are interested in providing free access to full books, explore our eBook collections.  Not all books have unlimited access, so contact Hunt Library about possible upgrades.

Databases and Guides

Our extensive databases include articles, videos, study aids, case studies, technical reports, and more.

Course Reserves

If an ebook is not available, you can make your print textbook available in Hunt Library as a course reserve item.  This ensures all students have access to your textbook, even if they cannot afford to purchase it.

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