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Nexis Uni

Guided Search

If you want to search a particular type of content, such as news, cases, a specific publication, or company, try the guided search. Located directly under the basic search, it's an easy way to get more specific results such as analyst reports on a company or cases from a specific state.

Screenshot of the guided search on Nexis Uni

Each section of the guided search has different prompts to ensure you are getting the results you need.

A Publication search will help you search a specific publication such as a journal or newspaper. 

Screenshot of the publication search options on Nexis Uni

The search box on the left is where you enter your search terms or any specific keywords, while the one on the right is where you enter the publication you want to search.  For example, you can search for mentions of space race in the New York Times. 

Screenshot of the keywords and specific publications search boxes for publication searches on Nexis Uni

The Cases section allows you to search federal or state cases.  Just select the jurisdiction (and enter the state if you select State Cases), add your keywords, and select the date range if you need to.

Screenshot of the cases search options on Nexis Uni

The Company Info section allows you to search for a company and select either the company profile, analyst reports for the company, mergers and acquisitions, SEC filings, or all the company information.

Screenshot of the Company Info and the dropdown filter search on Nexis Uni

The Country Info section requires you to select a country, then you can choose all sources, recent news stories, country risk overview, political risk overview, or economic overview.

Screenshot of the Country Info and source filter dropdown menu search on Nexis Uni

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