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Nexis Uni

Document Features

Once you have selected a document, there are several features you can take advantage of.  You can print, email, or download the article.  You can also save it to Google Drive or OneDrive. You can see the number of times the keyword you used in your search appears in the document and go to each one.  You can even search the document. These functions can be found directly above the document. For a permalink to the document, click on the Actions button above the features.

Screenshot of the actions toolbar when viewing a document on Nexus Uni

The Export Citation button under the document title allows you to select a citation style and creates a citation of the document for you.  Make sure you double check the citation before adding it to your research as there are no guarantees it is fully correct.

Screenshot of the Export Citation button when viewing a document on Nexis Uni

When you highlight a passage of text within an article you are given some options as to how you would like to copy the text.

The Copy (Quick) option copies the text and citation onto the clipboard and hyperlinks the citation.

The Copy (Advanced) opens a window where you can edit the quote and citation information and decide if you want the citation to be a hyperlink.

Screenshot of the copying options when highlighting text in Nexis Uni