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New Books and Ebooks

January Spotlight: Introductory Texts

Introduction to the Air Transport System
Introduction to Quantum Control and Dynamics
Introduction to Rocket Science and Space Exploration
Introduction to Safety Science : People, Organisations, and Systems
An Introduction to Space Weather
Introduction to Electrodynamics
An Introduction to Python Programming for Scientists and Engineers
The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs : An Introduction to Mathematical Proofs
A First Course in Aerial Robots and Drones
Data Science for Civil Engineering: A Beginner's Guide
Learn C Programming : A Beginner's Guide to Learning the Most Powerful and General-Purpose Programming Language with Ease


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Featured New Books and Ebooks

Selected Leisure Books

Iron Flame
Among the Bros : A Fraternity Crime Story
Charlie Chaplin vs. America : When Art, Sex, and Politics Collided
The Defector
Fall of Ruin and Wrath
Starling House
Let Us Descend
My Effin' Life
Above the Salt

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