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EAGLEsearch Changes and New Features

This guide will explain the new features in EAGLEsearch.

Item Details Page

EAGLEsearch uses a new Item Details page that provides "Send to" options, "Find in Library" options (with sign-in), "View Online" options to access full text, bibliographic details, and a Virtual Browse feature.

For print items, the Item Details page will display the item's availability in the search results next to the Call Number. For electronic resources, the Item Details page will display an "Available Online" message.

The sections below describe the features of the Item Details page.

Send to Options

The Item Details page provides options to create a permalink, cite the record in several styles, email it, or export the item's citation information to research tools such as RefWorks, EndNote, and others.

EAGLEsearch Send to

Find in Library / View Online

Users can log in (using your ERAU login) to enable the "Find in Library" or "View Online" options.

For print items:

EAGLEsearch Item Details Get It

Requests can be made right from this page using the "Request" link.

EAGLEsearch Item Details Get It Request

For electronic items:

Click on the database name to access the full text.

EAGLEsearch Item Details View Online

Search Inside

For items that are journals, a "Search inside" section will allow you to search for articles within that journal.

EAGLEsearch Item Details Search Inside

Virtual Browse

For print resources in the Hunt Library collection, the Item Details page will display a Virtual Browse carousel. Click on an arrow to browse forward or backward. Click on an item to view the Item Detail page.

EAGLEsearch Item Details Virtual Browse