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ERAU Hunt Library

CSO 101

Company Research

Two ways to search Jane’s by IHS

Searching the Space Systems and Industry section
  1. From the My Subscriptions list, click on Space Systems & Industry.
  2. Click on the arrow to the left of the About box. This will open the Filter by section.
  3. Click on the arrow next to Section in the filters area.
  4. Click on the View more link to view all sections available.
  5. Click in the box next to what you want to search, i.e. space launch vehicles- orbital, space launch vehicles – Sub-Orbital, Spacecraft Earth Observation, Spacecraft – small satellites, etc.
  6. Click on Apply Filters at the top of the Filter section.
Searching All of Jane’s
  1. Click on Search & Analysis Tools.
  2. Click on the first option, Advanced Search.
  3. Under Equipment, click on the arrow next to Space vehicles and systems.
  4. Click in the box next to whatever type of equipment you are looking for, i.e. spacecraft and satellites, space launch vehicles, or space defence. Or, to choose all, click in the box next to the main heading, space vehicles and systems.
  5. Click on Apply Filters at the top of the Filter section.
  6. Click on one of the sections along the top, i.e. News/Insight, Country Profiles, Equipment Profiles, Organisation Profiles, etc.