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ERAU Hunt Library

Coronavirus: COVID-19

An informative guide pointing to resources on the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Consumer Information 

Government Sources

Evaluating Sources

It's important to carefully evaluate information to determine its validity prior to using or sharing.  See below for more tips to determine the credibility of what you are reading. 

Evaluating Sources - accessibility view

  • If you are clicking on a lot of links to get to the source, the cited information might be false or taken out of context
  • Look at the URL.  Many hoax news sites usa a to fool people into thinking it is a real site
  • Check out the "About Us" section to learn about the source
  • Remember: You should not believe every social media post or forwarded email

Interactive Map

A Prevention Tip


Useful Databases

Updates from Embry-Riddle 

Embry-Riddle Coronavirus Updates

Frequently updated coronavirus page specific to Embry-Riddle University offering timely information. Look for the very useful phone numbers on the side of the page!