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COM 221: Technical Report Writing (Branham)

This Guide will help you find information for Dr. Cassandra Branham's service-learning project assignment.



Suggested Searches:

  • website AND "user experience" AND "best practices"
  • "technical manual" AND writ*
  • "spec sheet" AND writ*
  • "best practices" AND "social media"
  • "best practices" AND (infographics OR "visual graphics") [TIP: add an industry to further refine and focus this search, e.g., AND healthcare or AND education]
  • "best practices" AND marketing AND [industry, e.g., film OR banking]

NOTE: Once the Results page appears, check the Add results beyond your library's collection box below and to the right of the Search box:

Checkbox for "Add results beyond your library's collection" on the results page

For guidance on constructing your own searches, see our Database Search Tips Guide.

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