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ERAU Hunt Library

Citation & Research Management Tools

Apps and websites to help organize and cite your research sources.


Mendeley is a free tool for managing references and PDFs through either a desktop client or an account on Mendeley has the following features:

  • All of your research saved in one place, accessible across devices
  • Read and annotate saved PDFs while on the go using Mendeley's online or offline access. You can highlight, annotate, and add sticky notes.
  • Generate citations and a bibliography (compatible with MS Office, LibreOffice, & BibTeX)
  • It is social, allowing for the creation of your own citation management network

Mendeley's free version is limited to 2 GB web storage (500 MB each for personal shared storage) 3 users, and 1 shared collections (1), but users have the options for purchasing premium plans for more more features.

Mendeley help links:

Mendeley Help - Importing Documents


Mendeley Help - Organizing Documents

Mendeley Help - Organizing Citations