Database & Library Access Issues

This guide will help out with common database and access issues when contacting the Hunt Library isn't an option.

Document links not showing up

Occasionally you might receive a reply from the library but the actual links to the requested documents are not showing up in the notification.

Usually when we have encountered this issue we've found that if the recipient's security settings are set too high, the links will not be accessible. If you have a personal firewall installed (for example, Norton Internet Security, Norton Personal Firewall, Zone Alarm Pro, McAfee Internet Security), please lower the security settings and again try to access the document. If you are trying to access the documents at work or from a network that has security features, this may also be the cause of the problem, so please try using another computer.

If the document links in your "Documents from Hunt Library" email are not hyperlinked, you may need to adjust an optional setting in your email software.  It could be under Options or Settings depending on your email provider and may say something like "Block external content in HTML e-mail messages."  This option should be de-selected. 

Finally,  if you are using IE 8, try downloading and using Firefox as your browser (