Database & Library Access Issues

This guide will help out with common database and access issues when contacting the Hunt Library isn't an option.


We are sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time accessing the Hunt Library's Databases and Periodical Indexes.  Unfortunately many of the problems we encounter with regards to access are out of the Library's immediate control.

The Library's task is to make these databases available to as many of our users as possible, and given the myriad of systems, protection devices and platforms currently in use, sometimes the only workaround is to disable the end user's firewall.  We realize that this isn't always convenient, but it works in many cases, and it reduces the frustration of not being able to retrieve materials that researchers need, when they need it--the Library's ultimate goal.

On rare occasions, there will be issues where we cannot offer another solution, other than to assure you that this issue has been noted and will be forwarded to the product designers. This is why we ask for all of information listed under the About tab, so we can forward it to the technical teams responsible for the database in question. We thank you for taking the time to contact the Library, and ultimately in helping to fix these access problems.