Database & Library Access Issues

This guide will help out with common database and access issues when contacting the Hunt Library isn't an option.

No Login Box

If you are having problems accessing the login box for the ASCI 602 page. Below are some troubleshooting suggestions:

1. Are you using a Mac computer, and the Previewer will not allow you to access the login box?

2. Are you using the Safari browser? If so, try using Firefox.

3. Do you have Adobe Reader on your computer? If not, you need to download it at

4.  If you already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you may need to update it.


(a) Right click on the Form 41 Report link and choose "Save Link As..."  Save the file to your desktop.

(b) Open Adobe Reader, then open the Form 41 file.  You should now see the login popup box.