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SFTY 375 - Propulsion Plant Investigation

This guide will assist you in successfully completing the assignment for SFTY 375


Search Tips

The following search techniques are often used in database searching:

  • AND is used in most databases to ensure that each term is present somewhere in the search results: aircraft AND accident AND recip*
  • The asterisk (*) is a symbol which allows for variant word endings: malfunction* = malfunction, malfunctioning, etc.
  • Quotation marks are used indicate that the words enclosed must be searched as a phrase: "reciprocating engine*"
  • OR is used between terms to indicate that either term is acceptable: aircraft OR airplane

Suggested search terms (examples of terms that might be used in your searches):

reciprocating, engine*, malfunction*, failure*, accident*, investigat*, power plant, powerplant

Search examples (sample searches using various terms and combinations of terms):

  • reciprocating AND engine AND failure*
  • recip* AND engine AND accident*
  • reciprocating AND aircraft AND accident AND investigation
  • (“power plant” OR powerplant) AND accident AND investig*
Recommended Databases

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Search examples:

  • "reciprocating engine*" "aircraft accident"
  • "reciprocating engine*" "accident investigation"

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