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Getting Your Paper Noticed

Learn how to make your paper stand out through strong titling, graphical abstracts, search engine optimization, and academic networking.

Networking for Researchers

Networking for Researchers

Once your article is published, employ social media to enhance the visibility of your research. Update everyone in your academic and social networks about your published article. The number of inbound links is a factor in search engine ranking. Share your article as much as possible where appropriate. Be sure to refer to your author agreement to ensure you aren't breaking any rules and are meeting all the requirements. 

  1. Be confidential. Be careful not to reveal confidential or proprietary information.
  2. Protect property. In some cases, content posted to a social media site becomes the property of the platform operator, beware of what you own and what you are signing away by posting.
  3. Connect thoughtfully. Connecting to other social media members and sites builds credibility and community but could also give the unintended impression that your site endorses a certain cause, group, or person.
  4. Plan first. Consider messages, audiences, goals, and your strategy for keeping information timely. Some audiences may be on one social media platform and not another, and some sites provide more flexibility than others. 
  5. Interact with your audience. Social media is meant for two-way communication.

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