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Airport Statistics

Aircraft Movements

What is an aircraft movement?

"A landing or take-off of an aircraft or helicopter at an airport operating a scheduled or non-scheduled service."    - ACI World Airport Traffic Report

The following resources can be used to help locate data on aircraft movements.

  1. On the top menu, click on Companies
  2. In the "Type, and press enter to search" area at the top of the page, enter the airline, airport (or airport code), or company name
  3. Click on the name in the resulting list and on the result page
  4. On the "Summary" page, click on the link for Traffic
  1. Sign in according to the directions
  2. For the "Airport Traffic" module, click on Launch
  3. Click on the Operational Data tab
  4. In the filter buttons above, select desired years(s) and airport
  1. Sign in according to the directions
  2. In the search box, type in airport name and select from the populated list
  3. On the airport "About" page, click on Traffic in the menu on the left
  4. From the "annual traffic" drop-down, select Aircraft Movements