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ERAU Hunt Library

UNIV 101

Why use the library?  Libraries make completing class assignments and research papers easier, faster, and less stressful.  The internet has a lot to offer, but can't beat the library's quality, cost, and ease.   The Library  Authority - Easy to determine. Most resources can be quickly identified as scholarly or peer-reviewed. Information is curated by professionals just for you.  Results - Easy to get the information you were looking for. Manageable numbers and simple to filter out what you don't want or need with one or two clicks of a button.   Access - Stable links and free! No paywalls or money exchanging hands. Just seamless access to what you need, when you need it.   The Internet  Authority - Varies greatly. Hard to verify and while some scholarly work can be located on the web it might not be available to read in full.   Results - Millions of hits with lots of duplicate links. Difficult to sort through and filter out what isn't relevant.   Access - Links can break or information can disappear. You may be asked to pay for something or to buy a subscription to something you won't need or use more than one time.   Why else?  Great collection of books on every subject here at ERAU.   Help from friendly and knowledgeable librarians.   Video tutorials, how-to guides, and training to help you build and master research skills.   Online access to information from around the world 24/7, 365.