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ERAU Hunt Library

HF 400 (Chaparro) - Wayfinding Study Assignment


Keyword Examples:

  • wayfinding
  • "wayfinding design"
  • "wayfinding behavior"
  • "autonomous wayfinding"
  • "visual wayfinding"
  • "indoor wayfinding"
  • "digital wayfinding"
  • wandering
  • floor planning
  • signage
  • "route learning"
  • "cognitive maps"
  • "spatial navigation"
  • "spatial organization"
  • "spatial orientation"
  • "environmental design"
  • "direction perception"
  • "landmark identification"
  • "direction selection"
  • "path selection"
  • "environmental abstraction"
  • "pain points"
  • "design guidelines"
  • "design protocols"
  • "environmental graphic design"
  • "logo design"
  • typography

Sample Searches​:

  • wayfinding AND strategies
  • wayfinding AND "social strategies"
  • wayfinding AND demographic*
  • wayfinding AND sensemaking
  • wayfinding AND "user experience"
  • wayfinding AND signage
  • wayfinding AND "physical space"
  • wayfinding AND "cognitive maps"
  • "wayfinding design" AND planning
  • wayfinding AND "spatial orientation"
  • wayfinding AND "environmental design"
  • wayfinding AND technolog*
  • wayfidning AND device*
  • wayfinding AND improv*
  • wayfinding AND accessibility
  • Wayfinding AND "pain points"
  • wayfinding AND "cognitive science" AND (design OR planning)
  • "autonomous wayfinding" AND (design OR planning)
  • wayfinding AND (guidelines OR protocols)
  • wayfinding AND design AND (guidelines OR protocols)

Did you know you can search Google to retrieve only government and organizational results?  Doing so will provide you with many examples of publications including white papers, technical reports, guidelines etc.  Try it by adding or before your keywords or by copying and pasting one of the search examples below. wayfinding wayfinding
wayfinding OR .org wayfinding AND "white paper" wayfinding AND "white paper" wayfinding AND "technical report" wayfinding AND "technical report" wayfinding AND "executive summary" wayfinding AND "executive summary"