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Searches most of the Hunt Library's print and electronic collections simultaneously from a single search box, providing you with easy access to articles, books, ebooks, conference proceedings, government documents, technical reports, videos and more.

Full Text

  • Some full text.
  • Click on Full Text Online or Available Online to view full text.

Good to Know

  • Use your ERNIE Account ID and Password, if you are asked to log in.
  • Databases that have an eagle icon next to their name on the Research Databases page are searched by EAGLEsearch.
  • Some statistical databases that are more focused on raw data, rather than articles, are not included in the EAGLEsearch results. Examples of databases NOT searched through EAGLEsearch include:
    • Airline Monitor
    • FlightGlobal
    • ICAOData
    • Joint Aviation Authorities (JAAs)
    • Value Line
    • Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Search Tips

  • Enclose terms in quotation marks to search for exact phrases: "crew resource management"
  • Use an asterisk (*) at the end of the root of a word to find all variants: pilot* will find pilot, pilots, piloting, etc.
  • Use connectors AND, OR, NOT to separate terms and phrases: "flight crew" AND fatigue.
  • Narrow your results down by scholarly/peer-reviewed status, content, subject, date, or language by using the options on the left of the results page.
  • For help using and searching in EAGLEsearch, click on Help in the top right corner of the results list.